Instagram Photographer NYC

Hi, I am Victoria. A Manhattan based Instagram photographer.

I run a popular travel blog called Pommie Travels. Being an “influencer” myself, I realise how difficult it can be to get the right photos. Asking strangers to take pictures or trying to get your friends to stand there and be patient while you change outfits is never easy! So, whenever I went on press trips with other bloggers I would often help out by taking photos for them and I realised how much I love being behind the camera.

Up until early 2018 I was living in London, where I began to offer my photography services for Instagrammers and influencers. I realised there are lots of people out there who are now working with brands who simply need someone they can rely on to take regular photos. Now I’ve moved to The Big Apple and continue to offer my services in NYC!

I LOVE taking pictures and really enjoy being an influencer photographer! I get to meet all sorts of awesome people including lifestyle bloggers and fashion bloggers.

If you’d like to book a shoot, get in touch with me via email and we can chat about your needs.